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I was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in what was once a flourishing shoe town south of the city, named Brockton.  It had met its demise long before my arrival. At 5 years of age, I clearly remember looking out the window into my backyard, at the long awaited burst of the eastern spring, and wondering if what I was seeing was what everybody else saw.

I still feel there is a full and simple pleasure in seeing, little moments in the world are illuminated, a gesture is revealed, a simple beauty can take hold.  Making photographs as I wander through the world,
looking out from within, I delight in the play of light and color which direct my discovery of the world.  Spontaneously acknowledging a world that is continually unfolding, my photographs quietly celebrate the grace and rhythm of life.

The black and white portfolio began in the vast open deserts of the southwest while exploring the back roads and have continued during many other countless journeys as the northwest became my new home.

I have settled in Portland, Oregon.  Temperate and lush, I live in this nearly perfect city with my husband, a photographer, our two daughters and our cat Jazz.  Amidst the profusion of trees and gardens, color has become increasingly important in my more recent landscape work.  The natural world is a place I seek out, for me, it is a way to embrace the world, a space for solace, for listening, healing, and balance.  I make my photographs where the natural world and the manmade world come together.  This is a place many of us inhabit, in our gardens, yards and parks.

Trees, branches, leaves, and buds form a veil, a natural framework that graces our manmade spaces, allowing us to live with and in relationship to nature’s embrace. Attentive to nature's gestural expression in the world, the textured layers and surfaces, and the painterly qualities of color, I follow the light, compelled by its magic and its ability to define and transform.

Barbara Gilson

August 2008

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